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This is the plot I created during the 48th round of Deurklink's Multiplayer. The goal was to build a plot around a railway, which was shared with 3 other players. I got 1st place.

The rules were simple. I could do anything with the track section on my plot except modify the crossing sections and edit the trains.

For my plot, I made a small elevated town inspired from the Victorian era's architecture. I wanted to put the railway on ground level, going around and under a small plaza constituted of several buildings of different styles of the era. I also added a crooked house as a clock building and a train station inspired from old train stations that existed.

**There's a glitch with the railway track where guests get stuck in front of certain crossing sections, even when the train already passed. Consequently, I had to do a work-around by changing the track to an elevator and making a dummy railway over it in order to make it work without guests being stuck.

This park was made without custom elements. However, Wacky World and Time Twister expansions are needed to view the park.

NB: RCT1/RCT1 Deluxe installation might need to be attached to OpenRCT2 in order to view the park in its true nature.

I hope you like it. :D

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Date Uploaded Sep 12, 2022