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This is the plot I created during the 56th round of Deurklink's Multiplayer. Like round 14, 34, 39 and 47, the goal was to decorate a prebuilt coaster, this time a looping roller coaster. I got 1st place.

The rules were even looser than the previous rounds of this kind, as I can do everything with the track but modify the layout. That means that I can change the track type, the trains, the colors, the settings and the location.

I saw the two helixes at the bottom of the layout, and my first idea was to make towers come out from the middle of them. A plot based on architecture was then imposed by myself. My best idea was to make a metro station and have the coaster sit on the roof of the building. Tall office skyscrapers were built on the back of the station and two elevators were built inside the helixes to connect the metro station with the skyscrapers. 2 underground floors, one with shops and one with the metro, were added with a small cut-out, but you need the cut-away view tool in order to view them in detail. Other details such as a parking lot and a playground were added on the outside to complete the scene. All the interiors are fully detailed, so have fun using the cut-away view!

For the coaster, I tried to imitate an old version of a Schwarzkopf portable coaster by making complete custom supports and using the articulated wooden coaster trains instead of the looping coaster trains.

During this round, I have unintentionally bothered a few people with how tall my plot was, but I wanted everything to be visible from level 0, including the underground part. My apologies, I'll try to not do that again, but it was worth the shot since I won the round. :P

I noticed a few mistakes after the round was over. I tried to fix them, wishing that I didn't leave any other.

See final screenshot for statistics.

This park was made using custom objects, more exactly a colorable version of various base + expansions objects.

NB: RCT1/RCT1 Deluxe installation might need to be attached to OpenRCT2 in order to view the park in its true nature.

I hope you like it. :D

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Date Uploaded Sep 16, 2022