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My sister and I thought of doing a bit more on our Diamond Heights that were still proud of and such!

Together we built a Chinese vekoma inspired slc half on terrain and rest over water as we couldn't find a quite good name for it as we ended up putting scenery over water that helped that stats very good and thought the name for the slc water ride would be Zombie Land like when drowned zombies jump out of water! Turned out okay as expected!

Then myself I built a based gertslaurer or mack launch coaster that was intended to be like Germany's Hansa Park Fluch Von Novgorod theme to evil moles over taking a entire hill that I got from a Wii Game Wii Play Motion Veggie Guardin where you whack moles at! The beginning and ending if this ride is like Novgorod a bit then the rest all around is custom made up! Happy how it is!

Well enjoy our v1 diamond heights which is a mix of hansa park and liseberg!

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Feb 20, 2024