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Shy Main Street Set
Ralfvih's American Dinner Set
Neon Food Signs
And some othere cs here and there for the Die Hard Rct fan that has most of the main CS Sets

Section Structures
File Size 38.87 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 10, 2013
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Hope to post my Golden Corral Sometime this week


how can i find those cs's? i only found the first one.


how to open file please make a rar file so we can use it can't open dat files


If you want to find out what scenery is missing for a structure file you can open it with park clean up and click on missing custom scenery and it will show you what is missing. Neon food signs is by dkimber and is available on shyguysworld on a post, the links to the sets are there. Search "Neon Food Signs" RCT3 and click on the first result. American Dinner Set (should be diner, dinner is the main meal you eat at night) is on Ralf's site if you search for it.