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A detailed recreation of Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California as it stands today.

- Includes empty land area for the soon to open Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
- Includes underground pathways so peeps will have ease of access to the park's entrance/exit and other lands.
- You will have to connect the paths from the entry plaza to the Park's entrance. Peeps kept vandalizing the park while I was working on it so I contained them to a smaller area. :P

This was a project I've wanted to complete since the first reincarnation of the game and I've finally had some free time to work on it. Please enjoy this park!

Section Parks
File Size 1.82 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 3, 2019




Thankfully OpenRCT2 allows me to copy the list of missing objects to the clipboard, but there is one object in there that I can't find on NEDesigns or Bing. KWWROC4. There were objects like it on NEDesigns ending in 2 and 3, but not a 4. I believe it's the custom Grand Canyon rocks.


Can you post links to the following custom object files?

For some strange reason, OpenRCT2 is refusing to download these.


bonjour serait il possible de rectifier l'errur de chargement suivante pour ce parc :
Echec de chargement !
ID d'objet de plug-in manquante : AE-ALICE
merci de votre réponse et merci de rajouter le plug-in manquant