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Disney's Cinderella Castle

Requires RCT3 3 comments

Replica of WDW's Cinderella's Castle. Download Custom Scenery Set for the castle from me!.

Section Structures
File Size 41.38 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 31, 2010
Liked by Ty123321, Ty123321



your set sucks! I downloaded it and put it in my structures, and when it comes up, there's nothing!


DAVINCI, it not his falut. I looked up about the cindrella castle it says we need a castle building set.Try going to www.Freewebs.com they have the sets.


nice try you rct3girl123 jerk about that rant website you told us to go to www.freewebs.com dont you know your computer? its a site to make a FREE F***ING WEBSITE not the damn castle so go and suck it wimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!