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It has been a long time I did not share anything, but now I'm trying to progressively go back to RCTgo by uploading old, finished parks.

District 4 is a park that I built a long time ago. It was my entry for Roller Coasters & Friends' Narrow Challenge. The rules were that every coasters in the park have to be 4 tiles wide, including the entrance, the exit and the queue lines. It got first place.

Still proud of my park, even today. I wish I could build more of them.

This park contains a few custom elements such as paths and unused black tiles. Everything is exported with the save.

This park is built in OpenRCT2, but is compatible with vanilla RCT2. I haven't tried to open it with RCT Classic.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Parks
File Size 1.07 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 6, 2019


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That fountain is great - I spent 5 minutes looking at the scenery to get ideas for when I play