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Dollywood 2014 download. Includes Wild Eagle and Mystery Mine


Downloads needed
Arrow Dynamic Mine Train
B&M Wing Coaster
DasMatze’s Eurofighter (Mini Coaster)

Rush SS Screamin’ Swing
ATH Catwalk Set
JCAT’s Steel Worx
Ralfvieh’s Fountains
Spice’s Trees
StatiionJim’s Gardening


Ride Signs

There are custom pictures and included, most are self explanatory, but in the Readme file in the “Dollywood Photos" file.



This was my first park that focused really on the terrain. The entire park is in a valley with the rides interacting with the the mountains. However there ares some problems with the park. Here are the big ones:

- The train. Ugh, after the train goes past ShowStreet and into Timber Canyon, it looks like a mess. . . . moving on,
- The County Fair section goes a lot more South of the entrance then it’s supposed to
- Mystery Mine does not contain a half loop, I had to skip it since the half loop is not an option in DasMatze’s Eurofighter
- The park is not profitable and losing guest as well
- As a token to thee above problem, the back of park is empty. . . . . . guest wise.
- There is a large gap between Wild Eagle, Blazing Fury and Tornado. I covered it up mostly in trees
- Firechaser Express does not contain the reverse track, I had to make the reverse part “forwards”

If you do place the park into a different website please give me credit.

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Section Parks
File Size 11.24 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 9, 2015
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Can you make California's Great America. I would love to see that


Where's Wild Eagle?


Where's Wild Eagle?


Where's Wild Eagle?


Wild Eagle is there. It's just not visible in any of the pictures. I wanted to surprise the people who download it.


Moby's Steel Jungle -_-


Ok I seem to be missing wild eagle....maybe the ctr is incorrect not sure what is right


Add Lightning Rod