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This is my 2019 completed version of Dorney Park in Allentown, PA.

This took me a few weeks to complete due to on and off activity on RCT3, but its finally done and I wanted to share it with you guys. It's not 100% accurate of course, because remember, this is RCT3 and there are several limitations in-game. Everything in the park was created by me, so if you use/reupload it, please give me credit.

I will upload a video on youtube about the park, my channel is Icecube Games. I previously uploaded a video about my Canada's Wonderland Recreation, so be sure to check that out too.

Overall, it turned out pretty well, with a few flaws here and there. Issues can be found below:

-Wildwater Kingdom is tight in some parts
-Waterslides are not all accurate due to spacing
-Steel Force and Hydra are farther apart due to park organization
-One or two rides in planet snoopy are possibly missing

Also, a list of required downloads are below, which were used in the building of this park.

-ATHCatwalk and Accessories set
-BigBurger's Timber 2.0
-DasMatze_Invisible Entrance
-Gadget's Coaster Goodies
-Moby's Steel Jungle V1 and V2
-NYRBox Supports
-pteri Tunnel pack
-Jcat's Pumper Steelworx
-shy-Rock Set

-ImagineerJohn's Hopper and spring rides

That's pretty much it, hope you guys enjoy!


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Date Uploaded Jul 13, 2019
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Wow - this is amazing. I wish that I could open it but despite installing all of the CS, it crashes on me each time I try. I'm going to keep trying because this park is about 8 miles from my house. I'm currently working on a re-creation of Willow Park in Bethlehem Township PA (closed in late 60's and was then a drive-in and now it's a strip mall and a clean fill dump). Some of the foundations of the rides and buildings remain on the site along with the entrance walls. I've been working on in for years while searching for the right CS to do the job. Maybe some day I'll finally finish it like you finished Dorney. Nice work!


Try and make Kings Island next.