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Any average mad scientist can tell you just how frustrating it can be to keep 56 different test subjects in line. Just ask Dr. Twistenstein, who used to have to spend millions a year on shackles to confine out-of-control test subjects to the walls of his lab. But one day, Twistenstein came up with the most revolutionary solutions in modern-day mad science-ology: have clients ride along a big metal tube that was specifically designed to maintain order amongst test his test subjects. As it stands, half of the subjects are terrified of the tube, and become so petrified they can’t even scream while riding it, whereas the other half gets put to sleep by how bored they are riding it. This breakthrough has helped advance mad science-ology along like it has never been before. Besides, you’d have to be pretty mad to build something that big around such a tiny little laboratory.

Section Tracks
Type Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 8.25 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 28, 2016




I really like this. It's incredibly simplistic, but it flows with the scenery SO WELL! Great job!


I like it, but the barrel-rolls would feel more 'natural' if they went the other way. If you follow the tilt from the big turn before the green rolls, u'd probablly see what I mean.
But i still like this track. Thx for uploading :)