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This is my fist B&M coaster!

Here are the statistics:

Excitement Rating: 16.38 (Ultra-extreme)
Intensity Rating: 4.90 (Medium)
Nausea Rating: 2.91 (Medium)

Number of inversions: 2
Number of drops: 9
Highest speed: 68.70 mph
Average speed: 29.63 mph
Ride Time: 1:03
Highest drop: 157.24 ft.
Ride Length: 2,759. 81 ft.

Custom scenery I used:

Eletigna's New Street Elements
Weber's footers
Jcat's Steelworx
Coasterfreak's station set

Section Tracks
Type B&M Extended (CTR)
File Size 52.64 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 11, 2013


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