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The third coaster building challenge scenario Dusty Desert I never made it to in rct1 before but only in rct2! I had to buy the whole land to make it into what I wanted which I know most of you all won't like I understand I thought it would be more funner cooler than before but no longer like the original rct1 dusty desert! All turned out great more than I expected ever some it crammed into one space another! Has great other selections of rides! Kept all the unbuilt uncompleted coasters retook them by photo'ing them and I built a cool indoor custom pyramid building in crooked ways my own triple schwarzkopf hyper coasters dueling looping wooden coasters Coyote and Roadrunner like the Cartoon Show and Dueling Twister Looping Coasters Goliath and David then David wins against Goliath just so much to this park isn't it!

Well just to shout everyone on here that I have all this time finished building all scenarios that I have picked and worked on for years finally as all I have left is upload them on here much as I possibly can! It was very fun but stressful as some point with life as well! Sadly it is over for me building amusement parks there is nothing for me anymore to build!

Well enjoy Dusty Desert near Phoenix Arizona in Mesa you all! Going out of town for a while some to get out and hang with group of people to interact with and meet who ever!

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Date Uploaded Mar 16, 2023