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Dynamite Dunes with an RCT3 twist! The Dynamite Blaster was fairly fun to build, the only notes for players is the amount of terrain tiles/blocks I've used, coupled with a track intersection allowance for one piece of it (of which I have altered through advanced options in the game's options.txt).

I'm still new at how these scenarios function in RCT3, which is why some of these objectives in this one are simple. The road to Tycoon requires building specified rides of given theming while keeping guest counts significantly high. And while there is still land available for purchase like the original Dynamite Dunes, half of it can be acquired while the rest is unlocked through Entrepreneur level (likely essential for the Tycoon objectives).


- 350 guests in park
- 4 Generic theme rides

- 600 guests in park
- 4 Western theme rides

- 800 guests in park
- 5 coasters with 7+ excitement*

*It might say "6.999" due to a bug, but nothing to worry about. Dynamite Blaster is also covered as a required coaster, so long as it's still intact and maintained well.

Section Scenarios
File Size 1.38 MB
Date Uploaded May 10, 2024


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That's really look's like dynamite dunes.