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On a warm Autumn day in October, our brilliant engineer Ludwig van Loop was flying over a mountain in his private plane. He saw a plot of 'deserted' land and thought it would be the perfect spot for a roller coaster. He would later figure out that there was an innocent village there. He instructed the pilot to land and started working on designs right away. When he was done, he called his construction company, Speedy Buildy, now called Speedy Buildy Anywhery(SBA), and they agreed to build the roller coaster right then and there. Because Ludwig van Loop was very into themeing roller coasters, he placed blocks of dynamite along the layout. After 5 minutes of construction, when testing the complete ride(Yes, SBA is that fast), Ludwig van Loop realized the dynamite was not safe for humans, as the sandbags came back as just sand. He then payed SBA and took off in his private jet, leaving the ride abandoned. To this day, Dynamite still remains abandoned, still menaces the village, still requests riders, requests fame, requests...


POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGE040snew4&t=2s

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Section Tracks
Type Intamin Multi-Launch
File Size 2.51 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 24, 2016