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Welcome to my first upload! This has not been fully play-tested (I'm about to head off for some weeks), so I'm uploading early to gather feedback. If you enjoy, let me know!

This is the entire world. It's all yours! Make a rollercoaster that covers all of Australia, or just crowd out Siberia with ice mazes. I know that OpenRCT2 has a heightmap function; I played around with it, but I wanted to really get my hands dirty and make it by hand like I used to in my childhood, so I set out to create my personal magnum opus of handmade world maps.

Check out the GIF on this download to get an idea of the steps involved in the process. This map was created by hand-stenciling a Mercator projection map using a bizarre method I came up with on the fly. Biomes and vegetation somewhat mirror real world environments, though it's been simplified heavily for a better gameplay experience. I hope you enjoy!

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Date Uploaded Sep 10, 2023




This is legendary.


Thank you! :)


Awesome. I know exactly where to place the Burgershops.