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A winter wonderland with snow and a few mario themed areas. It has 21 roller-coasters, 10 flat rides and a river rapids. Includes a ginger bread themed entrance.

It's roller-coasters are a two junior coasters, twin inverted coaster, launched looping coaster, four wooden coasters including one twin track, looping boomerang coaster, two RMCs, two hyper coasters, flying coaster and a wing coaster. Includes themed flat rides including a mario go karts. Has two track rides and a river rapids.

1. Dragon Fire Air Water (Junior coaster) 0.9m, under 1.4m accompanied +16
2. Fire Dragon (Twin invert) 1.4m
3. Fire Inferno (Launched looping coaster) 1.4m
4. Ice Dragon (Twin invert) 1.4m
5. Gingerbread Drop (Wooden coaster) 1.2m
6. Icephobia (Wooden roller-coaster) 1.2m
7. King Castle (Castle themed launch coaster) 1.32m
8. Luigi Apprentice (Junior coaster) 0.9m, under 1.4m accompanied + 16
9. Luigi Dipper (Twin wooden coaster) 1.2m
10. Luigiā€™s Looper (Boomerang coaster) 1.4m
11. Mario Dipper (Twin wooden coaster) 1.2m
12. Mario Mine (Inverted boomerang) 1.4m
13. Olympia Looping (Five vertical loops) 1.4m
14. Snow Fury (RMC) 1.32m
15. Snow Runner (RMC) 1.32m
16. Son of Beast (Wooden coaster with vertical loop) 1.3m
17. Super Mario: Forest Of Illusion (Looping coaster) 1.4m
18. Tango Streak (Hyper coaster) 1.32m
19. The Flying Bat (Flying coaster) 1.4m
20. Raven (Wing coaster) 1.4m
21. Wind Racer (Hyper coaster) 1.32m

Flat Thrill Rides
22. Ascendance (Drop Tower) 1.4m
23. Elixir Machine 1.4m
24. Forge 1.4m
25. Magic Star 1.2m
26. Mario Kart (Go Karts) 1.4m and over 12
27. Snow Flake 1.4m
28. Snow Globe 1.2m

Junior Flat Rides
29. Luigi Pitstop, 0.9m, under 1.4m with adult
30. Sleigh Ride, (Track ride) Any height, under 1.4m accompanied +16
31. Snow White, (Dark track ride) Any height, under 1.4m accompanied +16
32. Tea Cups, 1.1m

Water Rides
33. River Rush (River rapids), 0.9m, under 1.4m accompanied +16

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Date Uploaded Oct 31, 2020
Liked by Zio Creations


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