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This coaster took me 3 HOURS to build. There's no custom scenery or zc used, you it shouldnt require openrct2. You are downloading a savegame known as "IDK SANBOX LOL". I'm sorry for the lack of the name. The reason it is downloaded in a map is because i used alot of terra to make this look good. I hope you enjoy!!

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 423.06 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 8, 2016




Very expert looking ride and scenario! Great job! Also, this is #16000 on the downloads list.

Skylander Katfish

thanks!! and look at that! XD
I tried my absolute best here and just poured whatever i had into this.
The map was also used in multiplayer and people made troll rides, but i cleaned it all up. lol