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Welcome to the Egyptian Market located next to the River Nile.

A Newly opened Hotel Means this area will once again become prosperous making Egypt great once more!

This Scenario already has some Roller Coaster rides these include:

Nemesis of Egypt -
Excitement 7.19(high)
Intensity 8.74 (very high)
Nausea 7.50 (high)

Cleopatras Needle -
Excitement 4.18 (medium)
Intensity 6.98 (high)
Nausea 6.57 (high)

Rita Queen of Egypt -
Excitement 7.68 (very high)
Intensity 8.33 (very high)
Nausea 5.88 (high)

The Ancient Vault -
Excitement 4.35 (medium)
Intensity 5.03 (medium)
Nausea 6.20 (high)

Scorpion King -
Excitement 6.98 (high)
Intensity 5.11 (high)
Nausea 2.24 (low)

Egypt Towering -
Excitement 3.26 (medium)
Intensity 5.26 (high)
Nausea 6.12 (high)

This is my first park design any comments will be appreciated

Section Scenarios
File Size 4.13 MB
Date Uploaded May 29, 2010




I downloaded park and can say you did an awesome job...I specially like Rita Queen of Egypt rollercoaster, it reminds me to Furious Baco at Port Aventura...
There ia only something that doesn't seem to be working as spected, Scorpion King coasters seems that sometimes gets stuck when returning to station...
Continue like that...


GREAT JOB!! get back with me i need some help..


scorpian king didnt seem to run smoothly but was easily fixed :) great game tho thanks nice and challenging exactly what im after


AMAZING scenario, i loved the coasters and pyramids!! I also really like how you made it seem as though the tourists were coming straight from a westernized hotel. Only problem is, on the tycoon level as I was adding animals my computer crashed. Tried it on a different computer and that one crashed too. ;(
Other than that, it was a lot of fun!