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It's been awhile since I last entered, so here's this.

This is a coaster that is part of a project I am working on with Ziscor. That park, won't be done for a long while though.


E: 8.46
I: 8.06(?)
N: 4.5+

The full statistiques are in the final screenshot.

Shouldn't require OpenRCT2. If it does not work in RCT2, it will in ORCT2.


Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 431 bytes
Date Uploaded Feb 26, 2017



Terry Inferno

The screenshots, in addition to showcasing a great wooden roller coaster, are also the first time I've ever seen anyone recreate a Sunkid Heege GmbH in RCT2.


Looks great! Congrats on the win.


Thanks everyone! I'm glad y'all like it!

Mr. Pillsbury

does this include scenery ? shes a beauty!