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About 10 water slides mixed and collided with each other:) This water park is really cool and big! However it takes about 20 seconds to place it. And please don't download "Aqua Spaghetti City", this is the exact same one; anyway Aqua Spaghetti City is marked for deletion. Feel free to leave as many comments as you like, I'de love to know about your opinion:)

Section Pools
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Date Uploaded Jan 6, 2010




how did you do that??????!!!!!!!


Build one water slide at a time, and let each one have a different color, and try to entangle them, but make sure all of their "flume ends" end up on one line. Then try as much as you can putting tiki torches and trees between the tubes, to give it a more exotic look:)


Sorry about the "Unregistered Version" in the second screenshot, the converter I used did this, anyway I uploaded another one without the message.


Of Course How Did I Not Think Of That?????!


You just inspired me to make something awesome... I might post it.


I put it in my pool folder but it isn't showing up to place. Any ideas?


yeah put my pool folder isnt show place ):