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"Twisted Twins Two" tied for 3rd place in Hasbro's 1999 Corkscrew Coaster "Competition Land" contest: Lee, from the UK and aged 49 (yikes: 2023, I'm only 6yrs older than he was then), devised this devious, and extremely fast, knot of coils.

IMHO, Lee should have earned extra marks for the triple "tw" alliteration in the name ...

!Entanglement is my RCT2-compatible revision: to the best of my knowledge it is compatible with RCT2/RCTC & OpenRCT2; beyond Block Brakes and a Photo Section, the trackitecture remains true to Lee's original submission.

The dueling within the 'spaghetti bowl' really impressed me: Lee really should have placed higher in the competition, alas!

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots (and in the video).

Link to !Entanglement video on Google Drive:

Section Tracks
Type Corkscrew Roller Coaster
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Date Uploaded Nov 12, 2023
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