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My first submission for the "Slayer's Slay-rides" pack, a series of traditional scenarios I have fully planned on a Google Docs (having listed at least 15 more after this).

Eruption Falls is a BEGINNER difficulty scenario consisting of an overflowing volcano among rivers of lava. While it is considered a tourist attraction, not many clients trek over to these fiery crags.

During playtesting, while I may have screwed up the ride invention list during my run, which includes an initially unavailable food stall and not many good coasters (and were FIXED in this final scenario version), I was able to have at least 1200 guests by the given deadline, repaying the loan, and never had to launch any marketing campaigns. Note that I am quite experienced at RCT at this point.

To have at least 900 guests in your park by the end of October, Year 3.

- Guests pay for rides and enter for free.
- The climate is hot and dry.
- Guests come in to the park at a slower rate.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 17, 2023