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I got inspired when I played the original scenario. I saw a lot of flaws in it making it difficult to attract the original goal of 2,000 guests. Well, that was in 2002. We're in 2019 now. How did this festival progress over the years? Here's the answer. This map was completely made from scratch. I swapped the countries into different spots (except France) and still tried to keep their themes. A couple rides are the same, but in terms of coasters, there's only 1 - the Vertical Drop in France that takes the place of the TGV train coaster. You own most of the land even in between countries to make building easier. I used the London Bus tram as the main transport instead of that pointless 1/2 mile monorail.

Goal: To get a monthly income of ride tickets of ,000.

Requires the Wacky Worlds expansion pack. Openrct2 isn't required.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jan 22, 2019
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Skylander Katfish

000. Stupid text


This park was a blast. Very fun, great scenery. Thanks !!

Skylander Katfish

Twenty thousand. Jesus