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A beefed up version of From The Ashes from RCT2 Wacky Worlds and the second European scenario in my RCT2 Wacky Worlds Redux series, there are even more broken down/destroyed rides, and all of the rides and stalls are either 333 or 524 years old. The loans are even more expensive, and guests are even more difficult to attract. There are flames everywhere as well. To expand, you need to buy land for 100 a piece, which is rather expensive as well. The water has also turned green, further adding to the depressing, worn-down nature of the park. On the bright side, though, you can charge for either the rides or the park entrance.

Goal: To repay your loan and achieve a park value of at least 750,000.

NOTE: You need OpenRCT2 for this scenario.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 29, 2020
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