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Evansworld Resort Year 5- WITH 2 SEPERATE PARKS

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 1 screenshot 0 comments

There are 5 sections:
The Resort Hotel
The Shopping Area
Lunarland (a sci-fi themed park)
Evansland (like disneyland, but with my last name and batman rides)
the Unfinished Oceanland (a water park that will have 4 water slides and an aquaman splash boat ride)

Plans for future updates:
A new thrill ride in Lunarland
Metropolis: A new area in Evansland based on characters such as the flash, superman, and many others
Oceanland (mentioned above)
A new science themed area in Lunarland including:
A ride themed around the video game "portal"
A NASA themed ride

I used a lot of stuff from RollerCoaster Creations's Magic Kingdom Park, ( https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/walt-disney-worlds-magic-kingdom-unfinished.16815 ) including space mountain and the castle from disney world. I also used RCTgoMatthew's skyscraper set ( https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/skyscraper-set.4153 )
oh yeah and also the hotel is made by BMrct

Also no cs needed

Lunarland Rides Worth Mentioning:
The Peoplemover
Tron Lightcycles
Space Mountain
Test Track
Mario Kart: Rainbow Road

Lunarland Shows:
INCLUDES ONLY CUSTOM SCENERY: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/edwards-city-display-2016-edited-version.15806

Evansland Rides Worth Mentioning:
The Haunted Mansion
The Batman
The Joker
Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast

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