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Okay so I've been seeing Marcel Vos's videos about how to beat various scenarios in RCT2 and it made me think two things:

1.) There are a lot of people who are far better at this game than I am.
2.) I bet I could make a super-hard scenario for these powergamers to try and crack.

And after running a scenario that I made for a while, I came up with this scenario for you guys to try out. Here's some info about it:

Objective: To achieve a park value of 500,000 by October of Year 6.

- Marketing Campaigns are forbidden.
- Guests are harder to attract.
- Park rating is harder to maintain.
- Starting Park Value: 6,710
- Starting Cash: 10,000
- Max Loan Size: 100,000
- Initial Loan Size: 100,000
- Loan Interest Rate: 50%
- Pay to enter / free rides.

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Date Uploaded Oct 30, 2019
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yo this is insane, I tried playing it a few times and was only able to make it to a 0,000 park value