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A completed theme park with a great selection of ten roller-coasters, 6 flat rides, tower of terror and a twin track log flume.

It's roller-coasters include a mine train coaster, over 500 feet & 120 mph giga coaster, 454 feet & 120 mph top hat launch coaster, junior coaster, boblseigh coaster, 370 feet polo coaster, RMC coaster, indoor coaster, tetris themed spinning coaster and volcano themed winged coaster.

Includes a grand entrance and hotels, you can build rooms and start running your dream park!

1. Canyon Runner (Mine train coaster)
2. Invincible (550 feet, 120 mph giga coaster)
3. King Throttle (454 feet, 120 mph top hat launch coaster)
4. Little Dragon (Junior coaster)
5. Penguin Mountain (Long bobsleigh coaster through mountain)
6. Planco’s Polo Coaster (370 feet)
7. Scorcerers Spell (RMC Coaster)
8. Space Mountain (Indoor coaster)
9. Tetris Spinner (Spinning coaster)
10. Volcanic Falcon (Winged coaster)

11. Blackout (Loop the loop ship)
12. Horror Heights (Tower of terror)
13. Sun Flare
14. The Screamintor (Roto drop tower)

15. Grand Carousel
16. Rocktopus
17. Sky Temple

18. Splash 1 (Twin log flume)
19. Splash 2 (Twin log flume)

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Date Uploaded May 15, 2020