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NOTICE: This is a park file, I will be uploading the raw track after the round, I tried saving the track with scenery, and I maxed it out with just the buildings in the back

Come take a ride on this coaster, but don't tell anyone where it is!
Located on an isolated peninsula in a lake far out in who knows where, run by a mute old man, who keeps the staff there living with him beside his house. There's also an a basement apartment that guests sometimes stay in, however it is dirt cheap due to it being directly under the first drop of the coaster
It also features a very strangely designed section, with a barrell roll that the train goes through at an excruciating 12mph, and then the track goes under itself, in one perfect line
The old man is also known for being obsessed not only with mixed era construction techniques, flowers, very tall trees and horse statues, but also privacy
It is said that when you exit the ride you lose all memory of where it is and what it looks like
People are still astounded that the coaster has had so much business after all of this
Anyways enjoy the ride, and then prepare to have it's existence erased from you mind!

Note 1: Ratings in last screenshot
Note 2: It took me forever to smooth out that river bank, and now I find OpenRCT2 after the fact, hooray
Note 3: Yes Terry I put in bullrushes

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW5uIQOCZ4I

Section Tracks
Type Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 560.04 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 21, 2016