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this is a coaster pack with extreem rides. these rides are in this pack.(+information):
~Death ride;
Excitement Rating = 8,75
Intensity Rating = 8,72
Nausea Rating = 4,44

~Hyper flight;
Excitement Rating = 7,90
Intensity Rating = 7,78
Nausea Rating = 3,51

~Space mission;
Excitement Rating = 7,91
Intensity Rating = 6,97
Nausea Rating = 3,18

Excitement Rating = 0,25 :'(
Intensity Rating = 15,90
Nausea Rating = 9,17

Excitement Rating = 8,28
Intensity Rating = 8,24
Nausea Rating = 4,00

These coasters are in this pack. if you want to know how they look like just look at the screenshots. you can also edit them. have fun. YOU NEED SOAKED AND WILD FOR THIS!!!!!

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 109.38 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 30, 2011
Liked by SamDogy




another person that steals my idea come up with your own this makes me so mad bwaaaa


what do you mean??????????????


does anyone know where i can get jcats steel worx


there is a old download of it on rctgo (i think its still on this site)
you can also google it


i recommend you to use moby's steel jungle but steelworks its good too