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Buongiorno e benvenuto!

Italy is home to world-class restaurants, a rich cultural history, and now, the world's most exciting inverted roller coaster. Diving underground and soaring around the lush chaparral, Falco di Ferro ("Iron Hawk" in Italian) is one bell'avventura!

Built entirely without any custom scenery.
Consulta l'immagine finale per le valutazioni.

Only the track file (.td6) is downloadable from here so as to allow it to be playable on platforms other than OpenRCT2. The full park, which is only compatible with OpenRCT2, is available for download here:


Section Tracks
Type Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 532 bytes
Date Uploaded Oct 13, 2017
Liked by Mulpje, SamDogy


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Just amazing. Great job