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Fantasy Land is a large park consisting of 8 mini parks. There are no rides or attractions, but there are plenty of custom structures (not custom scenery) and all paths are connected. The objectives are challenging but achievable. I noticed during my play-through the following issues that you may also encounter: in the areas where the park is expanded to larger than default size I was unable to put anything other than scenery I built during the game and paths; also, some structures loaded without roof pieces that I did build. This is a challenging park because there are so many custom structures; try deleting some buildings if you find you need more space. The buildings may or may not be large enough to build attractions or shops inside.

Section Scenarios
File Size 6.07 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 22, 2011




Great Park! Thanks!


hoe download je het


@thimo16: Ik denk of u klikt downloadt het blauwe knoop eenmaal, dan u klikt bestand/behalve pagina zoals en behalve in uw start nieuwe scenariofolder. Indien u meer problemen hebt, controleer de meestgestelde vragt op de forums. Ik hoop dat dit commentaar steek houdt; ik gebruikte een vrije vertaler.


Good work! This park was an awesome play through. Really enjoyed it and look forward to more scenarios from you.


its nice youre a pro!!!! i realy like it!!