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Its a mega park more than 15+ roller coaster a hotel a water park but its a decorate and monorail station a mini train station and more ride's i build the whole park and the coaster is my own design but the other ride's like huanted house its a custom the hotel and water park i build it i took one day because the hotel its not big

Section Parks
File Size 2.47 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 15, 2021
Liked by Shinx Tycoon, Jpwcc9



Shinx Tycoon

Shinx Review: 1. Not bad for an RCT Classic Megapark, it was pretty good.
2. But you should bank those turns, especially on high speed coasters. You got away with that
3. Nice hotel and Water Park
4. Overall, its pretty good


Hi thank you very much for that review dont worry i will make the bank to make the ride more cool and a sad news the old owner of the park sell the park and the new owner upgrade the other ride's 😞


Not bad. Those unbanked curves hurt my soul. You should work on ride design if you're going for realism. The stats were all fine though, so as an RCT park it's just fine.


Thank you for review i rebuild the ride again thank you