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Fartoon Rocks Barcelona [RCT3]

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 20 screenshots 2 comments


Thank you for downloading this park, I consider it one of the best I have built this year 2017. This park is inspired by Western themes.


As I said before, this park is completely decorated with western themes of different styles divided into 6 areas:

- COLORADO FALLS: This is the first area that is located at the entrance of the park and is inspired by the natural and desert canyons of the American Wild West. Its 4 attractions are rather quiet and combine beautiful landscapes with red stones that dominate the environment. The 4 attractions are Luckie Luke, Remption, The River and the star attraction in this area that is Rapids Colorado Falls.

-LOUISIANA: This area is personally my favorite in decoration, it is inspired by the colonial areas with a more haunted theme, combining with the huge marshy areas that hide many dangers of Louisiana.
It has 10 attractions for all tastes, including a great wooden roller coaster, Son of Beast Revenge inspired by the real roller coaster, Kings Island (Ohio) and now disappeared. The other attractions are: Broken Mirrors, Cementery, Moulin Rouge, Ghost Home, Bayou, Haunted Cats Hotel, Monsters, Minemania and Vampiria.

-MEXICO: Very close to the entrance to the park, is this cheerful area, which is inspired by a Mexican border town. There is no lack of music, entertainment, bandits, mariachis and good food, including the spiciest. It has 5 attractions, 4 of them quite smooth; La Escalera, La Hacienda Payasadas, Pastelitos, La Cantina Show, and the Cactus roller coaster.

-FRONTIER: This is where the Indian tribes are. This area is about a great desert, where you can see the conflict between the Indians and the explorers who wanted to impose civilization, even in the wildest places. Its 6 attractions are; Ritual, Totem, Expansion, The Desert Lamp, Toros, and the famous Hale Teiia roller coaster.

-COLD MOUNTAIN: This is the mountain area of the park, inspired by the cold mountain areas of the Wild West, here are forests, large trees, a variety of wildlife where wolves and bears, surprise adventurers lost in the mountains. The main attractions are 3; Shooting Star, The Cold Wave and the roller coaster of steel; Cannibal, which many visitors like.

-BLACKWATER VILLAGE: this is the most purely Wild West area. It is a small town, on the shores of Blackwater Lake, this area rises, which has no roller coaster, but has trips and attractions for all ages, shops where you can buy, take photos, transportation tickets, food and shows.

*When I can write a comment, with the list of downloadable material, necessary. Thank you all.
* There are errors in the translation. I used Google Translator.

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Nov 5, 2017




(CSO) items required:

- Moby's Steel Jungle V1, V2

-ATH Catwalk Set

*They are the supports for the roller coasters


*CSO, of the decoration of the rocks. It is very easy to come out, everything what you need this one in the following link:

(http: // velvetskyemusic.com/RCT3_files/cso.html)

You needed to unload the following ones;

-Stone Creations Vol.1
-Stone Creations Vol.2
-Stone Creations Vol.3
-Canyon Craze
-Large Rocks
-Medium Rocks
- Gazebo and Rocks