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Welcome to Fear Towers the mighty ancestral home of the Fear Family located in Fear Forest. The Towers originally started life as a hunting lodge and monastery. Over the years the Towers were greatly expanded as each member of the Fear Family made their mark. The Towers became open to the public to help with the running costs. The gardens were revamped; a weekend market and a Fear Carnival were added to draw in the crowds.

The last Duke and Duchess left their mark on the Towers with a bitter rivalry of revenge. The Duchess discovered that the Duke was having an affair with one of their maids. She plotted revenge and went to see the Witches of Fear Forest. There she was trained in the use of magic and the dark arts. The Duke became suspicious of her coming and goings to the forest and as a result locked her away in one of the towers. Here she cast curse after curse resulting in zombies rising from the ground, stone monuments came to life, the monastery took on a life of its own, a demon rose from within the Towers, a Nemesis became unearthed destroying the stable block. The land began to erupt, as the forest became deadly. Fearing for his life, the Duke left the Duchess locked in the Towers and fled. The Duchess is believed to have perished in the tower.

Now a century later the Towers are once more being opened to the public.

Can you take on the challenge of running Fear Towers Theme Park?

Dare you take on the Demons of the Towers?


Rides include:

Witches Curse: Excitement 7.34 (high), Intensity 6.37 (high), Nausea 4.36 (medium)

Unknown: Excitement 7.14 (high), Intensity 6.23 (high), Nausea 3.12 (medium)

Duchess Chamber: Excitement 4 .35 (medium), Intensity 5.03 (medium), Nausea 6.20 (high)

Nemesis of Fear: Excitement 8.13 (very high), Intensity 8.83 (very high), Nausea 7.88 (very high)

Demon of Fear Towers: Excitement 7.94 (very high), Intensity 8.60 (very high), Nausea 4.01 (medium)

Fear Forest Runner: Excitement 8.21 (very high), Intensity 6.92 (high), Nausea 5.19 (high)

Graveyard: Excitement 7.17 (high), Intensity 5.59 (high), Nausea 2.64 (medium)

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Date Uploaded Jan 3, 2012




Just the way I like them. Great structures, lots of details, cool rides, and a lots of tought put into it !!! Two thumbs up for a craftsmen work !!! 5 Stars to me...


do you need special cs



when downloaded take out of zip file and put in rct3 file then scenario file


where do i put it?