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The story of the figure-8-loop coaster is a bit strange. It was not designed by Schwarzkopf. This mistake appears often in books or on websites. This causes maybe in the fact, that the model looked really like a Schwarzkopf coaster!!! The concept was designed by a german showmen, Mister Pötzsch - he owns the patents for the two figure-8 elements, the standing eight and the laydown eight. It was calculated by Werner Stengel but wasn't built due to the high forces. A model of the ride has been displayed at some trade fairs at the Zierer booth. Zierer has no own track fabrication for tubular rails, so I think that maybe BHS was planned to produce it. But Anton Schwarzkopf worked some time for BHS as a consultant.

Excitement Rating: 7,27

Intensity rating: 6,36

Nausea rating: 2,85

Section Tracks
Type Hyper Coaster
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Date Uploaded Jan 4, 2022
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