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i have this display playin to a remix heres the link to the remix :

anyway this display does not do the whole remix yet as it is not finished, i will post the finished one as soon as possible
subscribe to me on youtube i will have updates on videos that are comin up and videos on how to install these firework displays heres the link :

check out my other downloads and have a merry christmas and a happy new year

Section Pyrotechnics
Type MixMaster Show
File Size 216.25 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 23, 2012
Liked by dylan walsh, SamDogy



dylan walsh

thanks for the downloads lads

dylan walsh

omg 456 downloads allready thank u so much


Como q instala???


como se instala isso?

dylan walsh

i will upload a video to this site on how to install as soon as possible