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This will obviously also work for rct3 platinum. I didn't make the park but Flabiliki did,go to his awesome youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWWK5aYVT78H97wbtVJCgw

He made this park so long ago that I had a download of it ready to be used still,but I tried downloading the park again and it didn't work,the website he used was corrupted so here is the actual park available for download!

How to put this file in game

~copy the flabiliki land file~

~go to documents~

~go to the rct3 file~

~go to parks in the rct3 file~

~paste the park in the parks file~

There ya go,the park should be ready in sandbox mode!

This is a default scenery,no other installation is needed.

Section Parks
File Size 13.26 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 9, 2019


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Sorry! I couldn't make any screenshots of the park!!! Thats mainly because I was too lazy to actually open the game to take a screenshot,this is legit trust me!