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A giga/Intamin adventure with plenty of air time and an excitement rating of 10+.

Full "back story" available here: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-20417.html

See final screenshot for ratings.

Section Tracks
Type Giga Coaster (Intamin)
File Size 12.25 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 12, 2015




No comments? Bah, i'll change that!

Well deserved build-it win, Terry.
But these more than -2 "negative G's" are a small dirty spot on your white vest xD
Keep up your good work!

So long, Cobra


That's insane! You got a 10.10 excitement rating? All I ever got on a giga was 9.7 or so. 9.98 was my max at all for ANY ride. Well deserved win!