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Name: Flood Zone (Guests)

Group: Other Parks

Objective: 2,000 guests by October Year 4

Description: The city has been flooded. For some reason you decided to build a theme park on top of the rooftops sticking out over the water line.

Requirements: It is extremely strongly recommended that you have a copy of RCT1 linked to OpenRCT2 before playing this scenario. Nearly everything in this scenario uses the terrain paints that are exclusive to RCT1 and its expansions, so if you do not have RCT1 linked to OpenRCT2, almost everything will revert to the default grass and stone textures.

Check here for the ride tickets goal variant of the scenario: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/flood-zone-ride-tickets.23546

Section Scenarios
File Size 45.95 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 30, 2023