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Back in 2000, right after Flash Hazard opened, Blazing Inferno Empire Co. decided to draw out some plans for a new giga coaster, the second in the world. After discovering that it'd take 38 million dollars to build, the idea was scrapped.

Several years later, one of the fellow workers at BIE Co, our good friend Chris and fellow builder, rediscovered the blue prints for this currently unnamed project. He took it to the CEO of the company, Terry Inferno, and it was agreed that a new giga coaster would surface the world of thrill-dom. After several months of planning and designing this coaster, as the first blue print stated that the G's would be way over 7, a new design came out. It would feature many air time hills and would be a water/fire based Giga.

Another couple months and the crew had the station and lift hill done.
This coaster would open to the world in three months.

Of course, with every coaster, it had to be tested. And four people were selected ride it first (after a train full of dummies went first)

Those four guys were Chris, Nave, Terry, and then myself.

Likewise, up the cable lift we went. And down again.

There was still only one thing missing. This coaster needed a name! After several hours of thinking, Nave and Chris had decided out a name and took it to the boss who agreed indefinitely!

For their work, the boss decided to let them have two days off for going to the park and riding their ride.

Down to the nitty-gritty, or stuff ya need to know!


Excitement: 9.6
Intensity: 6.8
Nausea: 4.12

Speed and Ride time:

1m 47s ride time



Every other stat will be covered in the last screenshot.

*Other topics*

This coaster requires no add-ons or CS, and it also doesn't need RCT2's add-on packs.

This coaster is in a park save file as the scenery amount is a bit too much.

This coaster will also work in both RCT2 and OpenRCT2

If there's a problem, let me know.

And if ya have questions, comments, or suggestions, hit me up!

Let's have another great round!

Section Tracks
Type Giga roller coaster
File Size 498.32 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 1, 2016


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It's the giga coaster track but it's not even a hyper coaster it would need to be 300ft to be a giga, anyway congratulations on the win