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This is a little "fetish" i got into... "Flying Exit" water slides... :D By now i have done a couple of these tracks, practicing and getting to know the flying routines of the quests and boats. So this is not my first track like this, but it is the first track that i upload, as this is, imo one of the better ones i made. So enjoy this one and i hope you'll have the same laugh about the flying guests, as i had while making the tracks.... :D
I hope to inspire you guys in this genre of tracks... :)


When you build this track, place the exit at the edge of your pool and make sure your pool is long enough, as the guests will be flying quite a bit... :D Notice that the test boats will fly way further than the guests will, once the ride is open. So take that in account too... (See screens for example on how to set it) Other than that, have fun with the track... :)


Sometimes the park inspector will close the ride due to a glitch. Often when you save your game and reload it, a boat at the exit will somehow glitch and throw the guests of early, witch will lead to a closing of the ride... If that happens, just reopen the ride, throw the lost guests back into the pool and all will be fine... :)


Section Tracks
Type Master Blaster Slide (for pool)
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Date Uploaded Sep 4, 2014
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