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Many people know & admire Marcel Vos: his YouTube has attracted more than 100K subscribers!

An unassuming and affable fellow, he seems to be made of stern material, and will not flinch if/when he has to admit to an error.

Mr. Vos' explanation & apology for the defect in his "Looping High Capacity" Roller Coaster:

The defect may be readily obviated by the inclusion of Block Sections: that crash-vulnerability is simply impossible with !Looping High Capacity RCT2; also, I made sure this revision makes Mr. Vos' excellent, economical design available to RCT2/RCTC players.

There exists a 'false' Block-ending feature, defined by a single track-section of up->level chainlift shortly after the 6th loop (in the 1st 4 Screenshots, the IP train's nose is poised to cross it): *be not afraid*; I've tested it and even fully-loaded trains will be slowed enough by the curving ascent that they will arrest there if the penultimate Brake Run is not yet clear; any such train will subsequently be capable of completing the course; !Looping High Capacity RCT2 is 100% safe.

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots; the video is for my Track-Booster OpenRCT2 version (which I will upload shortly), and displays slightly different Ratings.

Link to !Looping High Capacity video on Google Drive:

Marcel Vos has provided insight & inspiration that has helped me improve my game-play, and refine my own "CoasterJitsu": if I've done a good thing, here (and, haha, inserted a 'plug' to promote his YouTube), perhaps I have given something back.

Section Tracks
Type Looping Roller Coaster
File Size 307 bytes
Date Uploaded Aug 29, 2023