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Forbidden Atlantis is a ride through the mystical remains of the fallen Atlantis. It includes tons of overbanked turns and lots of drops sure Poseidon would feel great riding this coaster!

Excitement- 8.27 (Very High)
Intensity- 5.55 (High)
Nausea- 2.85 (Medium)

Note: This is only a Giga coaster, you may have seen a flume, multidimensional coaster catwalks, and a hyper coaster outlining the track of the Giga. This was to improve the coasters appearance. (It involved the options.txt.) This will not affect the Giga track.

Section Tracks
Type Giga Coaster
File Size 63.94 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 21, 2011




How can i use it exactly how you build it(appearance)? I dont have the things you put in there... I think thats the reason why it keeps hunging when I put it.... please answer ASAP...btw theres no options.txt... tnx, I will surely love this coaster :D:D:D



I recommend that you watch these tutorials on Youtube ,then you could add the things you would like.


Thanks for the comment!


Well tnx for the tutorial...Im sorry for the severals questions :D:D:D... What are the codes you used in making this coaster? And i also want to know how can it appear like that in your pictures... Did you put any accessory sets(the one you are putting in style/themed)?...when i put it in my park it only appears to be a normal giga coaster(without CTR, no structures/buildings)...please i really want to test this coaster,,,


Here are the answers to your questions, Lawrence0919.

1) I entered in the options.txt-TrackAllowSameTrackIntersect 1
2)options.txt (how it can appear like that in the pictures)
3) I did not use any CS
4) Sorry, I chose the wrong file. I'll re-upload it as soon as I can, but it will have a lot of trees I mean a lot of trees.


oh thank you...sorry for bothering you with many questions :>


tnx for re-uploading it...:D:D:D