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Forest Frontiers - Improvement

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 5 screenshots 0 comments

Forest Frontier scenario that has been completed with parked filled right up with rides! The 7 roller coasters are junior roller coaster, looping roller coaster, reserve incline looping coaster, wooden roller coaster, wild mouse coaster, suspended swinging coaster and a stand up coaster! Also has a log flume and dinghy slide. There are some flats like a Ferris wheel, pirate ship, twister, dodgems, observation tower and merry go round. Also has a car ride, castle maze, circus and haunted house scare attraction!

You can change the entrance fee or pay by ride rules by using the OpenRCT2 download if you search for it!

It is the improvement of: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/forest-frontiers.18587 (Added improvements to Bumble Bee coaster track and a circus with a picnic area queue exit.)

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Nov 30, 2018