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Yesterday, my sister also got onto my Forest Frontiers and somehow made it more and more bigger that she sort of bullied me onto, Forest Frontier's now biggest longest ride is on the very top right of park which is a more longer side friction coaster, based on Tivoli Gardens Rutschebanen, north of park, my sister bought some land there couldn't figure out what to build, I built a mountain train ride which was nice, then at the left side of park where you first walk in, my sister built two types of posed zip line rides one is tall and other is taller with different experiences and made a natural life area in that new land!

We didn't want to buy whole lot of land on this except we thought of on flat spot of this scenario do a basic woods walk trail like Idlewild's Story Land which guest could get lost though! But otherwise enjoy our new Forest Frontiers especially I could never do anything like that Rutchebanen like things!

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Date Uploaded Feb 9, 2024