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With minimal experience in RCT3 scenario management but LOTS of playtime in RCT1/2, I made my first ever RCT3 scenario in the form of a recreation: The well-known Forest Frontiers of RCT1. (While I have never made a good scenario in RCT3 before, I recently began working on the base game ones up to Tycoon)

Note that I did my absolute best to copy the landscape. 99.5% of the whole terrain I did BY HAND. Honestly, I wasn't a really big fan of organic/natural terrain modifications for RCT3. But when it comes to the selection of rides aside from research, there are a few to start but with some added essentials (ATMs, better rides, etc.).


- 250 Guests in Park
- 650 Park Rating

- 500 Guests in Park
- 45,000 Park Value

- 750 Guests in Park
- Repay Loan

Section Scenarios
File Size 1.69 MB
Date Uploaded May 9, 2024