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Hello! Here is my first park and works I have built created over the years ago! As I picked handful of rct1 scenarios for rct2 edited them turned them into real life inspiration parks into most USA States I built parks into! Just for fun though and to get through myself and things!

And this is Forest Frontiers the very first scenario that started rct as I love FF very much! It's mostly a classic old century rides park from late 1890's to the 1940's still operating to this day! It's most made up and is crammed at some parts I know not ashamed of it as I really had fun building these scenarios to turn them the way I wanted that I couldn't do in rct1!

Hope you will all enjoy thanks god bless!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Mar 11, 2023


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By the way the location of this scenario I thought of is Denton Texas north of Dallas Texas!