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Hey there! Here's my newest coaster Forest Fury, a B&M wingrider!
of course I'm using a CTR so the excitement is out the roof, but the intensity is medium and so is nausea.
CS needed:
Parallax B&M Wingrider CTR
STation Jim's Gardening 1,2, and 2.5
Spices Trees
n7 BIG Trees
n7 Ornamental Trees
Weber's Boulders and Brush
Moby's Steel Jungle v1/v2
Coaster Joe's B&M Connectors
CPCiscos B&M Footers
GRP B&M Catwalks
Station Jim's Randon things
DAzmatze Industry Age
Briantjuh's pathcovers
Coasterjoes' Queue line
Station Jim's Fencing
And finally, Coin's Station Gates.
Please message me should I miss any cs!
POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1tkPlkzcS0
Thanks and have fun!

Section Tracks
Type Parallax B&M Wingrider CTR
File Size 2.17 MB
Date Uploaded May 14, 2017
Liked by SamDogy