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Well this is a coaster I took meticulous care building, the G forces never get into the red nor' do they flash into the red not even for a second!

I put tons of goodies into this ride also! Including the bridge model object from "Canyonrunner" the station from "EF Typhoon v1-3" and terrain editing and trees!

The top speed is 63 MPH/101.38 KPH.

Max height is 145.00 Feet/44.19 Meters tall.

*NOTE!!!!* I accidentally wrote "with exception of model objects done by DarkSoldier Engineering." I meant to write "with exception of model objects done by No Limits Team.", sorry all!
I have put tons of work into this ride, I hope you enjoy it! Download, like and comment! And please read the ride description in the download (Open in the editor to read it).


Corbin. M

Owner and Head Engineer at DarkSoldier Engineering.

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Coaster (Trailered 2-Seat)
File Size 1.64 MB
Date Uploaded May 12, 2013
Liked by CalderCity


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