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Hello, this is my first creation I've posted here and I hope you guys like it. The CS required is A2 Custom Vendors, Aces construction yard, ATH catwalk and accesories set, Moving doors by RCTGuy, JackyX trunstyles, Mobys steel Jungle, Moneyremco Stationcover Pack V2.1 PLUS, NYRAsphalt Roads, RC1111'sCaution Lines, Star Roller Coasters Lifthill Set, Vodhin_LightKit2008, and the VodhinsGirdersNGlass. Enjoy: )

Section Parks
File Size 9.24 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 6, 2014
Liked by aecrouch2016




There are many things I like about your park. To name a few, creativity and use of different scenery.
Well done.


Hey I forgot to add this in the description, the billboards sometimes change so if there's a picture of a hot dog for a lemonade stand don't blame it on me! Thanks